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Nurse Practitioner

Sharon Hanson

Sharon Hanson, Nurse Practitioner

Sharon Hanson was born in Heidelberg, Germany. As an army brat, she lived in Europe and various states while growing up. Sharon completed her undergraduate and nurse practitioners program at San Jose State University. She has been a nurse practitioner for 17 years and a registered nurse for 19 years. She met and married her husband, John, while living in Frederick, Maryland, and has four children. She enjoys hiking, backpacking, yoga, pottery, music, gardening, and spending time with family and friends. Her major achievements include being married to a wonderful, talented, and loving husband, having four incredible children, and being able to reside in such a special community as the Fall River Valley, while enjoying life as a 20-year cancer survivor. Sharon is a board member of the Community Service District of the Fall River Valley.